"Sexual Brilliance – The Truth of Sacred Relationships" 
a channeled text by Astarte Sol.
Book excerpt, " What is Sacred Sexuality?":

Q:  Is having sex the closest thing to going back to Source, or one of the closest ways of experiencing this in the physical body?  


A:  Yes, you come from Source and are a piece of Source.  You bring pieces of yourself back to yourself through your sexual experiences.  You bring pieces of your Source, your origin, to join with yourself again in your journey to wholeness. 

Book excerpt, "Soul Contracts":

Q:  Is sacred sexuality a way for our souls to evolve?   


A:  The quickest way to evolve your soul is to let the intelligence of your heart drive your ship, and it does not have to be conscious.  There are people who will make just as much soul evolution by being a good-hearted person.  When you hear the saying, “That person has a good heart,” or is good-hearted, it’s because you can feel the growth and expansion of their soul, driven from their heart center.  A heart-driven life is one of the quickest way to evolve your soul.


Q:  We sign up for life lessons in every lifetime, and if we complete these lessons, does it help our soul to grow and evolve?


A:  Regarding the lessons that your soul has arranged before you were born, and your response based on the intelligence of your heart would be more evolutionary for you.  Soul evolution always goes back to the heart.

This book is designed to empower the individual in this sacred journey we call life. 
Estimated release date:  Sometime in 2021