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"Sexual Brilliance – The Truth of Sacred Relationships" 
a channeled text by Astarte Sol. Click on Shop button to purchase
This book is designed to empower the individual in this sacred journey we call life. 

Reader Reviews:

This is pure divine sacred knowledge and a form of activation. Reading this book I felt it helped me to start an initiation, to go deeper within to heal, shift and release to a broader way of perceiving and experiencing the new chapter in my life. I feel I'm getting closer to meeting my soul mate. This book has helped me so much to clear my energy and cords from situations with past relationships and old habits, to become a better version of myself, and being in alignment with my divinity. I took a couple days to read the book, and I felt I was in a trance for a few days where it became easier to have a hawk eye perspective on things in my life. I felt it brought me back to the origin of oneness, Divine Source, remembering this sacredness. Thank you so much, I received this as sacred wisdom and activation with my heart. 

-Estephania D.


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