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To Book a session call or text 505.603.0888
By participating in a session you agree to co-create a healing journey with Astarte.
Astarte serves clients world-wide via Skype, WhatsApp, FB Messenger
, FaceTime or phone.
In-person sessions serving Stowe & Morrisville, Vermont.   
Massage by Rachel call or text 505.930.4184
Spiritual Healing​ Session​
$170 USD
Time of session is approx. 1 1/2 hours. It is recommended to clear the rest of your day to allow for processing, hydration and rest.
To book a session please text or call Astarte at:
What to expect in a session with Astarte​​
The morning of your appointment, Astarte begins an intricate process of preparing herself and her space in order to connect to your energy. She makes note of any messages given to her during this meditative process. Once you are on the call, she will discuss questions you have about your life and what you wish to achieve during your psychic reading & healing experience. She will share the guidance that was presented to her in the morning, and when she feels it is time to begin, she calls upon your source energy and protection for both of you with the help of the ascended masters she works with.
Astarte will then take you on a shamanic journey of spiritual counsel. An inspirational passage of your soul through the higher dimensions. Your experience may include remote viewing, your current life path or life mission, chakra balancing, messages from deceased loved ones, past life karma, soul contracts, sacred womb healing or any other messages delivered moment by moment by Astarte's gift of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.
This experience is indicated for anyone who seeks healing and guidance on a deep level. 


7 major chakras
21-Day Elevation Boot Camp​
$699 USD
Daily and intensive transformational healing journey. 
To discover is this is in alignment with you - please text or call Astarte at:
What to expect in the 21 Day Elevation Boot Camp with Astarte​​
​Your journey begins with a two-hour personalized one-on-one session with Astarte. She is the bridge of Divine Guidance between your human self and your soul self.  Based on the information, guidance, and healing that is presented in this first session guides the remainder of the first week. You will receive daily spiritual counseling & self-actions, in whatever form you prefer, be it text, email, or phone call for your personal transformation.  
Each subsequent week begins with another intensive two-hour personalized one-on-one session with Astarte. This 21-day journey is designed to help you break through blockages, stagnation, and lack of motivation to reveal the flower path that is accessible to you. The flower path is the elevated timeline available to you. Astarte is the mediator to help you find your way.  
Are you feeling bored, lost, or defeated?
Do you feel like nothing is going your way?
Do you have anxiety about everything?
Do you have questions that you can't find the answers to?
Do you feel like you don't belong anywhere?
Do you think you are having a dark night of the soul?
These types of feelings and dilemmas are actually a perfect space of vulnerability to facilitate real change in your life. 
Do you want to feel lighter and more vibrant?
Do you want to awaken in the morning with excitement for the day?
Do you want to look in the mirror and love what you see?
Do you want answers to questions traditional healthcare can't give you?
Do you want to feel a sense of purpose in your life?
This experience is indicated for anyone who needs personalized healing and guidance on a deep and consistent basis to allow for profound breakthroughs as daily opportunities for healing present themselves. Let the journey begin! 


Cacao pod

Private Cacao Ceremony

for small groups (3-10 people)

3 Hours - Starts at $300 USD

When cacao is approached in a sacred manner, a deeply grounded communion is created. Imbibing cacao during meditation is a unique experience, for an intensely heightened trance state may be achieved as a catalyst to open your heart and soul to guidance and healing.  A shamanic journey with cacao creates a field that may last for several hours or several days.  Through your vulnerable, surrendered heart a waterfall of grace pours into your existence, a rich gift from ancient tribal, nature-oriented cultures bless the space within.  We invite you to embark on this journey of awakening, healing & transformation. 

receiving massage

Therapeutic Massage


$140/90 min.

$210/120 min. 

In office by appointment only


at your location for $50 upcharge 

Therapeutic massage with Rachel in office or at your location includes medium to deep intuitive therapy, bringing 9 years experience with a fusion of Western and Eastern modalities. 

Servicing Stowe, Morrisville, and Northwest Vermont.


Please call or text Rachel @



Vermont Credential #64.0000384


**Please Note: Astarte offers energy healing/psychic sessions only, and refers all massages to her daughter, Rachel, who is a highly skilled & gifted practitioner. You may contact her directly @505-930-4184.

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