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Who is Astarte?

Guiding Humanity Into the New Earth

Astarte is a projector in Human Design. Projectors sit at the top of the natural leadership hierarchy. Their true role is to guide the energy types (Manifestors, Generators and Manifesting Generators) in the most efficient use of their energy resources .

Projectors have an inherent ability to understand others. They are the masters of reading and managing energy efficiently. It is because of their Center openness that they can take in and read the energy of others. Gradually, over time, the Projectors’ ability to read and recognize this energy gives them the wisdom to guide others in the most efficient use of their energies, gifts and talents. Astarte has been reading, guiding and offering healing of energies since 1992.

They know how to maintain harmony in the world. Projectors just have this innate, natural ability to recognize the potential and talent of other people and to be able to offer guidance to them. 

The projector is the most ‘personal’ and up close type of human being too. This is because of the nature of their aura. Our human aura represents the holistic energy field that uniquely surrounds each and every one of us.

This aura is our personal electromagnetic signature and tells every living thing around us what we are all about. Our aura extends up to 3 meters around the entire circumference of our body. Having an aura also gives us the ability to read and interpret other people’s auras. That ‘feeling’ you get when you like or dislike someone at the first meeting? That is your aura doing its job and alerting all your senses!

In fact, it is the particular nature of the Projector aura that gives the Projector their name. This aura ‘Projects’ outwards towards other people and is ‘Projected’ upon by other people. Projectors get noticed in other words!

The Projector aura is very focused on the other people that they meet. Projectors don’t focus on groups. They focus on one individual at a time. The Generator aura envelops the entire group around them. But the Projector aura focuses on one person at a time. When you meet a Projector, you meet someone who will focus on you like a laser beam! Astarte has been told many times her eyes feel like laser beams into the soul. On some level this is exactly what is happening for she has the ability to look into the soul of another and reflect back what she sees, and have a knowing of the potential that individual carries within themselves. 

My Story

My activation as a healer began when a young lady approached me at work and asked me to heal her foot. I began sweeping my hands over her foot and shaking off the energy. After a couple minutes she said it was better and went on her way. The next day her mother came into my work and asked if I was the woman who healed her daughter's foot. I hesitantly said I was. She told me her daughter was born with a birth defect and has had foot pain her entire life until I "healed" it last night. She asked if I could work on her shoulder pain. This young lady and I had a soul contract to activate me as an energy healer. From this moment on I had people approaching me to "heal" them. I eventually owned this life mission and created the space to do this work professionally. The work I do has changed and evolved over the years, but everything I have done is in service to healing individuals, community, animals, and the Earth.

Meet The Team

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