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You are a powerful being of Light!

You are so much more than your physical body. 

You are a Universe within yourself. You are continually striving to live in alignment with your original divine blueprint, looking to fulfil the contracts you have agreed to in this lifetime.

. By creating balance within, you create balance without. Your power of healing and manifestation is in your now moment.

. In your healing session, Astarte will see you, the Divine you, and offer guidance and healing from this perspective. 

​​True healing comes from addressing core issues present in the spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies. By treating this multi-dimensional self, what wishes to be healed will present itself.

These energies will be seen, addressed and shifted to bring balance to the physical body and your emotional and intellectual wellbeing

Astarte is a psychic, healer, author,  retreat host, and flower essence practitioner who offers private & group session worldwide. 








FL lic. #MA72430
VT Cert. #164.0001355
Astarte at Smuggler's Notch


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Vibrational Healing Serving Worldwide

by video or phone. 

In-Person serving Stowe & Morrisville, Vermont

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