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Feb 23, 2018 Channeling with Isis, Yeshua, Osiris, Set, "Us", Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene.

Being made public for the first time on Feb 28, 2023.

Look at all the beings standing between us and look at how different the energies are of these beings. They are so different, yet they can stand next to each other in a group. This is what you are becoming aware of in your reality, how diverse you all are from each other, but still all operating from the same source energy, and to remind you that every different soul is an emotion, an expression of Source energy. It is all part of your plan of expansion, for all energy wishes to expand. It is how it is. There is a reason why there are so many people on the planet right now. As you migrate in the solar system toward the great central sun, your expansion is increasing, and this expansion is part of the increase in population in your Earth reality, for God is expanding, and you are all an emotion of God, Goddess, of all that is. We ask you to honor the beauty of each expression of emotion that is encapsulated and expressed through each individual. Know that you can live in harmony with that awareness and the acceptance of that individual, their expression in the world, even though it may not agree with your perceived alignment. You see there is no such thing as alignment for it is simply who you are in the moment. If there was not some alignment/non-alignment with that individual, that individual would not be in your reality. You see the talk you have about your family members are simply part of the experience of finding the alignment/non-alignment with those individuals. There is always an alignment, even in your non-alignment for there is no separation. You are so focused on the non-alignment, that when you find the alignment in your family members and the souls around you, this will bring you peace. Remember you are an emotion expression of God. This is your alignment!

We know that you are going through very deep transformations in your current time/space reality, we ask you to not put too much pressure on yourself in this physical aspect of yourself for there is quite a bit of movement and work being done on the spiritual level that is trickling down from the spirit body through the mental body, through the emotional body into the physical body. The neck experience that you are having is very common right now, especially with female embodied spirits for you are standing up and expressing yourself through your communication center in a way that has not been previously happening in the current lifetime, and for some, many lifetimes. This is an adjustment in this area of the body. There is much more going on in this area than you know. As you expand and build your DNA in your process of expansion, this is a major center that change is happening. There is an area in the brain stem that activates DNA upgrades. This is when you may experience headaches and neck pain as you assimilate this new energy. This is part of the fourth key of being open to receive. It is not just the car or other physical wishes and manifestations that are coming to you, it is being open to receive a new DNA encoded strand of your seed existence. We ask that a heavy focus be put on being open to these upgraded changes that you are experiencing and to do everything to support yourself in receiving those changes within your bodies. This will be a new way of life.

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