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Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Dec 21, 2021 Channeling - Predictions For 2022

Whom showed up to assist: God Source, Us, Goddess Isis, Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary

2022 will be the year of the heart chakra!

Call on and Channel Christ Consciousness into the heart chakra, to bring connectivity to everyone. Beings of light are highlighting the heart chakra as the core ascension plan for 2022. In all meditations, put an emphasis on the heart chakra, for when we focus on the heart chakra, in a magical way, everything you are visualizing, manifesting, and feeling for manifestation, will find a way to fall into place. Don’t worry about the details, work on the collective intension of stepping into the heart chakra. There is great division in your country (USA) and all over the world. There are pockets of areas that are not connecting to the NWO agenda. These pockets are not making their selves known, they are staying under the radar. Many of these pockets are in the Middle East and Pakistan. There is a spiritual battle going on in Egypt that is being reflected outward into the rest of the world. Egypt needs a little love. In Egypt there are pockets that are not connected to the NWO, but they are shrinking fast. In Syria there appears to be an underground revolution of the heart and living sovereign and free. Also, there are areas in all of Africa that are upholding the higher consciousness energies as a beacon of light. South Africa is being targeted right now for this reason. In all of Africa there are beacons of light distributed throughout the continent. Iraq and Iran have light coming through. There’s a tug-of-war in Egypt and Europe. There is a correlation between where the humans are connecting online and the information that is being fed out, that use those messages as an open channel for the agenda to create a spiritual war. The areas that live more with the rhythms of the nature of Mother Earth and Father Sun, are able to more successfully stay detached from the spiritual war and build their own new world full of light, caring, and heart chakra-based living by connecting through the heart and loving each other.

India is bringing through a lot of light, as well as, Sri Lanka, but more light in India. Eastern Europe has a struggle between the higher conscious people and the outside oppression of the NWO. It looks like a lockdown, mostly Russia. The people in Russia don’t take any shit, but they have to keep it on the downlow. Europe will continue to protest in 2022 and struggle with the energies of where the collective wants the energy to be at, they have high visions, the darkness from higher up is trying in infiltrate these higher visions. The people have advantages because of their cleaner living, they are coming from a place of clarity, where the USA is more cloudy. Europeans have more strength to bring forth their visions. In Egypt there is a new level of oppression, there are new tools being used. Something explosive may happen there to shake things up. There is explosive energy to give everyone a slap in the face. I don’t know if it is an actual bomb going off or energetic. Canada is completely sealed off like a dome sealed tight, but they will start looking at the USA as a model in their fight for freedom. Canada will have a shift at the end of summer. The shift will happen there in August or the beginning of September (based on the present timeline). 2022 is all about the agenda and we will continue in this fight. The USA looks like a mishmash because of different things happening in every state. It looks like mass chaos. In the Northwest, there’s a dark portal spinning over that area. The Northwest is going to bring through the hard lessons. Californians are going to start waking up and say, enough is enough. The awakening is going to roll from the south to the north. Like a sardine can, it rolls open and there’s light underneath. Hollywood and the people there have been very left-wing, and hoodwinked, they will wake up because they will notice all these people drop dead with heart problems from the "mystery juice". I see many Californians getting an IV treatment when they don’t feel good from the shots, it looks like Vit. C or something that is helping with the adverse side effects.

Collectively, people are paying more attention to their health. Our bodies are miracles, our bodies are Universes within themselves and have great power, people are realizing that taking an outside injection of foreign material is not the answer. They are noticing people are getting sick from them, and asking why are people dropping dead? It’s backfiring on the agenda because people will start to dismiss this kind of medicine and go to the ancient medicines and work with the DNA in the body to heal imbalances. It’s waking up the memories from the lineages of Atlantis and Lemuria, the ancient civilizations. Everyone will start to realize there is something wrong and a fall of humanity is happening. Some people will only get it when the stock market crashes. It’s helping everyone wake up to a new perspective. It will be up and down, but by the end of 2022 people will wake up in masses. The winter solstice next year is connected to the flu season and the awakening is connected to that. The conspiracy theories will be shown, and coming true, so to speak. New ways of living will be birthing halfway through the year to the end, many people's creations and inventions will start rising up and be shared with humanity.

Mexico has even keeled energy, they don’t seem as affected by the chaos. They have their own internal chaos with the cartel, but they are not connecting to the collective dark agenda as much because family is very important and their connection to the heart chakra. The way to transcend the chaos is through community and heart-centered living. Central America is similar. People have more going on during the day by finding joy in the present moment. South America’s west coast has some chaos and I see some earthquake activity in that area next year. A big one on the South West coast of S. America. The Earth changes will depend on the collective consciousness and how well people wake up. There is a possibility with this big earthquake to shift the axis of the planet, but it’s not set in stone, it’s connected to the consciousness of humanity. This is an attempt to get the climate more temperate, getting it back to its center. It will open up more square mileage and longer seasons to grow food, and tend to the animals, etc. Mother Earth is going back to remembering the temperate climates throughout the planet in her original Divine Blueprint. There will be a strong focus on water management, such as dams, and where humanity is blocking the water from flowing freely. You will begin to allow Mother Earth to come back into the balance that she knows, instead of manipulating her waters. This was partly facilitated by the water healing of many lightworkers the last decade. There will be more focus on getting rid of the plastic island in the Pacific Ocean. There’s a higher awareness of water management coming together on every level, streams, lakes, the water mammals and fish, more focus on helping the manatees, dolphins, and whales, because of the imbalance in the environment. Humans need to focus on this. I see new rivers birthing in South America (on the bottom tip). I see a splitting of the land and a river coming up from the south, might be connected to the earthquake. There will be continued volcanic activity, but people will understand that it is just part of life now and will be able to integrate it and step into the knowing that you can’t control lava. Fire is a great transformer. The fear is starting to soften in regard to the volcanoes because the created fear agenda is so much bigger than the volcanoes.

Lots of shifting in the government, transparency will continue like a snowball rolling down the hill, so much will be coming out you can’t even keep up with it. You don't have a protocol on how to deal with all these things coming into the light. This is how the restructuring will happen, all these Capricorn-type things. The new way of doing things will birth through not knowing how to deal with the crumbling of the structures put into place. A need to get creative with this situation and move forward to heal with this is birthing through the government situations. That capital riot that happened in the USA was the beginning of the race, like when they pop the gun at the beginning of the race, this started the entire process of the government reworkings and all the layers and shifting. Older people in government will be retiring because they can’t handle the stress levels involved. You will see a lot of people stepping down, this will be advantageous because the young blood will be rising into new positions. There will still be a struggle with the old-world way of doing things and the new world way of doing things, they will hit a wall with each other. The division will continue to manifest even with the new people coming in. The only way to heal this division is to live in the heart and love each other. Look at the laws and the protocols and ask, “Is this hurting people or helping people?” It always gets back into the heart and back to simplicity. This is the common theme. Even with the water healing management, is this hurting or helping?

There’s a new DNA technology, as is the MRNA shot was the shadow, the opposite of that in the light will be shown. Stop feeding the negative agenda. There’s this dark cloud over everything, just cut the cords, do not connect to this energy. It’s like an umbrella keeping everybody from seeing the light, let the sun in. The chemtrails are to block the sunlight, for your body needs sunlight to ascend. Florida, the sunshine state, is blowing all the other states away by not doing masks, not doing vaccine mandates. It’s the energy of the sun helping to raise the vibration of the people there. Get in the sun! This is how to heal, by working with the sun energy, sun gazing, eating fresh fruits and vegetables that have a lot of chlorophyll and sunlight in them. A solar oven is a great way to make food to integrate sunlight energy into the physical body to help ascend. Sunlight is the best supplement. Integrate sunlight into the physical body to ascend. The sun energy is connected to Christ Consciousness, bring that energy into the heart chakra. Bring a ball of Christ Consciousness into the heart chakra and the rest will be taken care of. There has been a lot of fear instilled from the dark agenda about sunlight, that is causes cancer. This was to slow the ascension process. This is shifting now, because a lot of information is coming out about sunblock having toxic chemicals. Sunlight does not cause cancer, it’s something, an imbalance within the body. Information about how to find homeostasis in the body will continue to come forward, and healing modalities in more natural ways.

Beginning of mass shifting the end of 2022. Next level tipping point. Self-care of the physical vessel is highlighted throughout the entire year. We can’t afford to procrastinate. We are going into higher levels of sensitivities that are not in resonance with an ascending body. It will take a lot of mental strength to live through this and make the changes we need to make. Integrate turmeric into your diet to decalcify the pineal gland. All glands need to be supported. Focus on endocrine support. For thyroid take acai berries. Collagen helps the glands by softening them, it makes them more malleable, and in turn makes it easier to channel light through the glands. The endocrine system is the gateway between the physical world and the spiritual world. Yeshua says to call on him in meditation and he will work on the endocrine system. Goddess Isis brings the DF (Divine Feminine) energy to heal the pelvic region and the heart chakra. DF wants to work with the yin organs. The DM (Divine Masculine) wants to work with the yang organs. The DF and the DM each have their place, but the heart is both masculine and feminine. It’s like a puzzle of masculine and feminine coming together and as a whole creates balance. Focus on self-care, this will help put you in the flow of the energies. Integrating the solar energies will help you with the solar flares when they blast the planet. Don’t worry about finances, you will be taken care of. The focus we put into that needs to shift into something else. Money is very masculine energy, the monetary systems are all changing too, it’s part of the fall, why put all your energy into the fall? There’s a new financial support system that replaces the old financial system. You will see more of this integrating in 2022. It’s very new on a quantum level that is beyond your comprehension right now. When money issues come up, work with the endocrine system with Yeshua and Goddess Isis. When you do that, you are on the wave like a surfboard, and you are supported moving forward in time and space. Money ceremonies are barbaric. This is supporting the elitist controls in society, continues the hamster wheel of slavery.

To heal the throat chakra, work with the planet Mercury. You cannot cover your mouths, it’s in your DNA. Men and governments have been trying to keep you from speaking the truth. There’s another glandular-like system that is waking up that looks like the tree of life. Eat less processed foods. You can do caffeine if its not heavily processed. Buy meat that is not jacked up with antibiotics. Your body will tell you what you should eat. The fried food is bad because of the oils that are used, canola oil and soy oil.

Honor what your body tells you to do.

(This is a transcript of the original recording. When I channel information it comes through somewhat choppy and may be difficult to follow. the general ideas are brought through and are intended to be used as a tool to help you navigate through this transformational year of 2022.)

Stay in your heart center and love each other.

Wishing you many blessings on your soul journey.


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